Preach Special : Tall In The Saddle   # 1 DC / Vertigo Comics

Preach Special : Tall In The Saddle # 1 DC / Vertigo Comics

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 Tall In The Saddle  ___ Written and pencilled by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon .painted cover by Glenn Fabry) This Issue Is In Very Fine / Near Mint Condition , The Story ....A one-shot revealing the early days in the romance of Jesse and Tulip. There was a time before Jesse Custer ever encountered the force known as Genesis, when he was a young man, stubborn and reckless and madly in love with the his pistol-packin' sweetheart, Tulip O'Hare. Theirs was a wild love, and their adventures even wilder,finds Jesse and Tulip tasting the outlaw life and getting into some deep trouble. When our heroes lose a trailer-load of stolen cars in a high-speed chase, their none-too-happy employer offers them a chance to make amends: drive a shipment of stolen horses to a slaughterhouse. Jesse's refusal sets the stage for a high noon showdown ? one that pits them against ruthless horse-thieves, vicious arms dealers, and a criminal enterprise more heinous than they ever could have imagined!